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Deliveryachts is an experienced Transatlantic Yacht Delivery Service  with over one hundred sailing yachts delivered worldwide.


Since 1999 we transfer brand new or used sailing/motor yachts. Today we are experts in Transatlantic Yacht Deliveries, with over a hundred sailboats delivered worldwide. Our task is to transfer yachts in the best condition sailing from A to B to the harbour of delivery in time agreed.

What is new nowdays since 2021 is the Global Yacht Transport service offered by Florida Maritime Transport. To better getting introduced please click on menu read with attention and keep free asking us for any suggestion.



Azizam JFA 86

From Tenerife to Great Exuma Bahamas

“…I would like to take this opportunity to send a big THANK YOU email to all of you for working and delivering safe the boat to the Bahamas. I am a great believer that on a boat nothing happens if everyone does the war on their own, I think it is still one of the few places in the world that, team work makes the boat moves. All of you from your different experience and professionalism made the boat keep moving safely and steady. Nobody could take that from us…..”

Who we Are

Seasoned captains and engineers, the most of the year busy at sea. Professionals with years of sailing experience behind the wake. Our Transatlantic Yacht delivery Service differs by ocean knowledge and ability to adapt us to any long distance sailing project, working out any sort of problems on board giving the best delivery yacht service expected in time agreed. Please check in on testimonial left by our clients, shipyards, yachting managers, brokers, private owners. Please, don’t esitate to ask for a quote and lets develop together the best delivery yacht plan for you.

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Just ask for a quote, fill the form and our team will be ready to make an estimate of the work in order to give you the best and efficient delivery solution.